George Banks
Serial cleaner

Red Lake, hear my words
Where the eagles cry
And the spirits fly o'er sacred land
Red Lake, hear my prayers
They're a feeble cry
To an angry sky that bleeds for Man
''So get up and shut up
and don't let us use you
Oh get up and shut up
and let us abuse you''
It's a crazy world
And my spirit cries against the wind -
can you send to me
I've been this way before
I've danced on dustant shores
I've watched the minds of men
Go south - come back again
I've walked a million miles
I've seen my little child
I've knocked on every door
And still I'm wanting more -
To be home -
To be home -
yeah yeah to be home -
To be home -
yeah yeah to be home

И пара картинок...

@темы: страшилки после отбоя

2010-08-04 в 21:33 

Good, bad. I’m the guy with the blade.
И Берсерка приплели =)

2010-08-04 в 21:43 

George Banks
Serial cleaner
Котэ в шляпе
"Красное озеро существует близ восточных городов со старыми и новыми именами..." ©

И еще: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Lake_massacre


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